1. The concept must be the original artistic creation of the participating entrant and its making may not constitute an infringement of copyright.

  2. The entrant must be the owner of the copyright of the concept and be competent to grant to the organisers the rights set out below.

  3. The organisers shall arrange official photography of the selected items in a style and manner to be determined at their sole discretion.

  4. The organisers shall arrange for the creation of publicity materials and will use reasonable endeavours to promote appropriate coverage in the press.

  5. The Association of Arts Pretoria, Stuttaford Van Lines and PPC Ltd. do not accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage to submitted work.

  6. Insurance, if required, must be arranged by the participant.

  7. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence with the organisers/judges will be allowed.

  8. It is in the sole and final discretion of the organisers/judges to cancel any entry on the grounds of illegality, infringement of any third party rights, or a transgression of the constitutional right of freedom of expression.

  9. Prizes are not transferable and/or negotiable.

  10. Prizes not collected or claimed within 30 days of being awarded will be disposed of at PPC's sole discretion.

  11. Any personal information collected by PPC during the competition will not be shared with any party without the participants' permission.

  12. By entering this competition, all winners agree to participate in marketing and publicity initiatives at no additional cost to PPC.

  13. Entry into the promotion gives PPC the right to use the contact details to contact all competition entrants in future.

  14. Please email contact@ppcimaginarium.co.za for any assistance required.