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Got a question about the PPC Imaginarium awards? We answer five of the most common queries


Q: What happens after registration closes?

A: After registration closes on 01 October, we collect all the entries and conceptual statements and share them with the judges. The judges review all the conceptual statements and decide which of those have made it through to the next round ie the Production Phase. Each entrant who successfully makes it into the Production Phase will be notified via email. They then have until 31 January 2017 to produce the physical artwork. Artists need to drop off their pieces at their closest regional drop-off point, which is indicated on the website.

Q: How does the process differ for Film and Architecture entrants?

A: All Film and Architecture entries are submitted online and judged online. PPC Imaginarium will be in touch with the various film students and invite them to present to a panel, in a bid for additional money (R35 000) to produce their film.

Q: What happens if my artwork is damaged during transportation to the various exhibitions?

A: As much as we try and protect each piece, we encourage artists to supply protective packaging when they drop their pieces off at a regional judging point. PPC Imaginarium will not be liable for any damage or theft to an art piece.

Q: How do I write good conceptual and technical statements to increase my chances?

A: If you are a new, aspiring artist, read more here. To find out more about writing a good conceptual statement, click here. And this article has more info on constructing a good technical statement.

Q: How do I cure, reinforce and mix concrete? Am I using the correct tools?

A: We've got some great "how to" tutorials on our blog. These are some useful links:

Using the right tools

Why you should cure concrete

The A-Z of concrete aggregates


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