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Vietnam’s Gold And Concrete Appeal

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge is a sight to behold.


If you were a tourist in Southeast Asia, your first thought for an outing might not be a giant concrete structure … Vietnam’s Golden Bridge might change that!

Based in the Ba Na Hills, Cau Vang takes visitors on a journey above treetops in northern Vietnam. Cau Vang means “Golden Bridge”. Winding above trees and across the mountains, Cau Vang is a glittering footbridge that stretches for 150 metres; the most stunning part, though, is a pair of giant concrete hands, built as if to support Cau Vang. Not only are the hands breath-taking; the bridge offers clear views of the luscious country from a height of 1 400 metres above sea level.

The popularity of Cau Vang came as a surprise to Vu Viet Anh, founder and principal designer of TA Landscape Architecture, which designed Cau Vang. Cau Vang was a huge hit on social media. “We're proud that our product has been shared by people all over the world," Anh comments. Cau Vang opened in June 2018.

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As a tourist hotspot, Vietnam hopes to establish itself as a must-see destination in Southeast Asia. Though foreign visitors tallied 13 million in 2017, Thailand trumps Vietnam having gained 35 million international visitors.

With that said, Cau Vang has brought awe to its visitors. The Golden Bridge aims to make them feel like they are walking on a shimmering thread that stretches across the hands of gods. Says one visitor: "I have travelled quite a lot but I've never seen any bridges as beautiful as this one."

Strange structures are not uncommon in Vietnam. For example, Ba Na Hills was built to resemble a medieval French village, while elsewhere a large ‘crystal cloud’ installation features over 58 000 shimmering beads.

Only time will tell whether Cau Vang can boost Vietnam’s aspiring tourism industry. In the meantime, fans of the bridge can appreciate it both online and in the flesh!

Photo credits: Nguyen Huy Kham / Reuters and Linh Pham via Getty Images

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