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Unapologetically Raw

Gerda Liudvinaviciute brings concrete’s cold aesthetic and the human pulse closer together.


Gerda Liudvinaviciute – a jewellery designer based in Kaunus, Lithuania – is the creator of CELSIUS 273, a brand specialising in hand-made, concrete jewellery. Her simple but bold designs have a raw and undisguised style.

Liudvinaviciute has always been attracted to concrete’s brutalist style and cold aesthetic. Throughout her life as an artist she has become increasingly fascinated by the multiple textures and endless colour palette of concrete, which, she states “embody so many emotions.”  With CELSIUS 273, she says she is able to create what is beautiful to her.

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The name, CELSIUS 273 makes reference to the temperature -273ºC, which Liudvinaviciute describes as “the harshest possible climate in the universe. The point of no return, where any and all life forms cease to exist. Silence and eternity.”

She created the brand as a way of exploring the relationship between ephemeral humans and eternal structures. She considers the idea that humans and buildings are able to give each other life and meaning. She believes that a city without people is “an eternity without meaning”.

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Liudvinaviciute grew up in Kaunus; an urban environment that is considered to be one of the most significant manifestations of the Modern Movement’s early stages. In the city of Kaunus, like most urban environments, concrete is a recurrent material used in architecture.

Liudvinaviciute believes the best place to find inspiration is in one’s immediate environment, and it was by continuously observing the medium of concrete all around her that she became aware of its complexity. Liudvinaviciute describes the CELSIUS 273 pieces as “urban architecture in your hands”, and a piece of a city that you are able to carry around with you.

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Image Credits: CELSIUS 273

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