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Board-marked concrete exteriors prove their worth amidst Argentina’s natural environs.


Sturdy walls and a rustic aesthetic make for a great home or holiday house, and various architects in Argentina have combined both in their designs through the use of a particular technique – board-marked concrete.s

Anibal Bizzotto, Diego Cherbenco and Luciano Kruk Arquitectos have all constructed houses using concrete, but have given these designs a faux wooden aesthetic by imprinting their exteriors with a plank-like texture. Think of it as the concrete version of faux wood flooring.

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Bizzotto and Cherbenco worked together in building a two-storey residence, called House in La Comarca, for a family living in a gated community in Tigre, north of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. Their goal was to create a property that distinguished itself from others in the area, despite it having to adhere to stipulations regarding size.

There was also the matter of creating a connection between the two-storey house and its surroundings. “Our project incorporates the use of open space in everyday life throughout the seasons, by placing big openings and entrances that establish visual continuity and provide optimal ventilation,” say the architects.

The most remarkable “open space” incorporated into this property is a central, six-metre-high courtyard, visible from the house’s interior through expansive windows and boasting a single tree.

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The courtyard necessitated the dominant use of concrete in House in La Comarca’s design, but by board-marking the concrete, Bizzotto and Cherbenco have given the residence a more rustic ambience. In fact, the plank-like texture complements the inclusion of the courtyard, since the latter feature has allowed for better integration of natural elements, such as light and greenery, into the final project.

The work done in Tigre by Bizzotto and Cherbenco is reminiscent of houses designed by prolific architecture studio, Luciano Kruk Arquitectos. The firm is behind numerous concrete holiday homes, textured in a similar manner, located in gloriously natural spots in Argentina.

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These include Casa Golf, perched on sand dune at a seaside golf course; Casa SV, nestled amidst a woodland paradise; and ‘House in the Dune’, situated in area where a stretch of sand meets an abundance of trees.

With their elegant displays of wood-like textures, and their perfect placement within nature, these houses prove that concrete, through its versatility, is adaptable to any environment.

Photography: Daniela Mac Adden & Albano Garcia

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