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Understanding aggregates is key to working with concrete. Have a look at our crash course in using aggregates here.


Learn all you need to know about cement here.


Once concrete reaches a solid state, it is stable and hardened. But in its liquid state, the substance is acutely sensitive. Take a quick look at the hows and whys of curing concrete here.

Dyes and Pigments

Integrating dyes and pigments into concrete is far from a perfect science. It requires patience, trial and error, and an understanding that concrete and colour often don’t play well together. Learn how to master the art here.

Glass Fibre Mixes

Some concrete projects don’t lend themselves to traditional steel reinforcement techniques. Learn how to use glass fibre mixes here.

Lightweight Mixes

Concrete is a dense material. And while that’s part of the allure for some artists, sometimes your project may require something that’s a little lighter or easier to manipulate. Learn how to use aggregates to create more lightweight concrete mixes here.


Proper packaging ensures the protection of your precious artwork. If you wish to package a small to medium-sized piece, read more here. If you have a large and/or heavy piece, read more here.


In order to make sure your piece is structurally sound, learn about reinforcement here.


Expanding your creative potential using cement doesn’t come without risks, and it’s important to remember to protect yourself from the substance. Learn about a few safety guidelines to consider while working with concrete here.


With any craft, using the right tools is an important part of the process. Learn about the best tools to use when working with concrete here.


When starting to use any new medium, there will always be a period of trial and error. Check out our list of tell-tale signs that you are on the right (or wrong) track here.

If you need any further help or have any questions, get in touch with us here. Good luck!

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