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Specializing in concrete objet d’art and small functional pieces for the home, Notation Design is a studio on the rise. We took notation from co-founder Jenny Armour…


New kids on the concrete block, Notation Design was founded in March 2015 as a love-project shared by four friends and colleagues, Jenny Armour, Estian Fourie, Lindy van den Berg and Mary-Jean Treloar. This band of four all studied different design disciplines at the same institution, with Jenny and Estian graduating from the University of Pretoria in 2009, while Mary-Jean and Lindy studied interior architecture, finishing in 2010 and 2014 respectively. They joined forces to form Notation as “a partnership born from the love of bespoke custom-built furniture, decor items and the design of exquisite interior spaces.”


As friends (and family, as Jenny and Lindy are sisters), they would often gather to talk about furniture and design and dreamed of making their own range of products at some future point in time. But it all started officially one evening, when the four got together to discuss collaborating on a lighting design project for a competition, and so Notation was founded. “But we always had a lot of ideas,” explains Jenny, “and we like to use each other as a sounding board. We all work in the design industry, but we’re stuck behind computers all day. We wanted to make physical things, with our hands, and not be so office-bound all the time.”


Now, Notation creates a whole range of furniture pieces and décor objet d’art from scratch. They also complete entire interior spaces, from conceptualizing to installing the fittings. They also do custom designs for any space a client might need. Notation’s made-to-order product collection includes a stylish selection of contemporary concrete planters that up the ante went it comes to both in- and outdoor landscaping. Lighting and candleholders are also part of their growing portfolio of all things concrete. Real gold and copper leaf embellishes their designs.

Most recently, Notation Design showcased their signature products at Kamers Vol Geskenke in Irene and Stellenbosch in 2015. “It’s been going well,” Jenny admits, “and we have had a lot of interest. Everyone who sees the stuff loves it, but the idea of concrete products is still fairly new in South Africa.”

Copper Holders

Notation are indeed setting the trend with concrete in this country, but why concrete in the first place? “Well, Lindy and Mary-Jean studied architecture, so they both love concrete, “Jenny explains. “We all like raw materials, like timber, steel and concrete. Initially, we thought working in concrete would be easy, but concrete is not easy at all. But we soon figured out how to solve all those challenges with cracking and drying. Now that we’re working with it successfully, we just love it!” And it certainly shows!

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