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Super Bowl

Introducing the ultimate residential man cave – complete with concrete skatebowl!


Ever wanted a skatebowl in your lounge? A lucky teenage boy got just that, when Cape-Town based interior design firm, Inhouse Brand Architects created the ultimate “man cave” for him by converting the unused lounge area of a Fresnaye residence into an industrial-inspired dream pad.

This remarkable project has been featured locally by Visi magazine, and internationally by influential interiors publication Dwell. It is astonishing for the technical feat required to construct the skatebowl as well as for its aesthetics.

Taking into account the youngster’s various interests such as skating, surfing and socialising, the Inhouse team aimed to create a trendy, multifunctional space. The project was steered by Inhouse’s Creative Director, Aidan Hart, and senior designer, Jenine Bruce, who chose a modern, industrial aesthetic for this youthful interior.

Polished concrete flooring encompasses the entire room and sets the foundation for the interior scheme. More notably, the fully functional concrete skate bowl plays a major part in the design – it’s the “star” of the show, in fact.

Digging out the bowl required careful building and excavation skills.The bowl itself is finished with a specialised surfacing screed to allow for an extra smooth ride. To embellish this remarkable feature, emerging South African street artist, Jack Fox, applied his signature illustrations to the walls surrounding the bowl.

This man cave also features a refreshment bar, which measures four and a half meters and is fashioned from ground and polished concrete, perfectly matching the flooring. The bar exudes a robust masculinity and comes fitted with a stylish Smeg fridge and surfboard rack, which displays the seventeen-year-old’s most prized possession.

As if all these feature design elements weren’t enough, the room is scattered with essential man cave gear: a pool table, vintage Spider-Man pinball machine, Punch Bag and pull-up bar. This teen should have no problem finding friends this summer...

Watch Visi’s video of the man cave here: VIDEO




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