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The sound of concrete

Master & Dynamic designs a bold wireless speaker handcrafted in concrete.


While Master & Dynamic may not be the first to design concrete speakers – Israeli artist Shmuel Linski revealed his concrete speakers in 2011, with Digital Habits’ P.A.C.O. digital loudspeaker manufactured in concrete and fir – following soon after – for Master & Dynamic’s first foray into the world of wireless speakers, the company sought to make a bold and weighty statement. In partnership with renowned architect Sir David Adjaye, the company has designed a new speaker that combines distinctive premium materials and sensory-focused craftsmanship, something for which both Master & Dynamic and Adjaye are known.

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Not just any kind of concrete

The MA770, which was launched earlier this year, is an industrial-chic concrete block with, according to the company, superior acoustics and a range of input options. Designed in a geometric form, the speaker was made using a specially created proprietary blend of concrete that allows the speaker to play at full volume without causing a record to skip or the table and floor to vibrate. Tipping the scale at heavy 16kg, the speaker is designed to stay put in the home – unless you have the muscles to carry it around! And that’s not its only hefty feature – it is also priced at around R24 000. By using the concrete material, the speaker is also only available in one colour – grey.

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"This speaker is not about the traditional idea of making boxes, but about a directional form," says Adjaye of the design. “I became fascinated with the idea of using triangles to break down the mass of the box, and to see if we could dissolve the sense of volume through sculptural detail. We created a new geometry for this speaker.A new geometry of sound.”

Images courtesy of Master & Dynamics.

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