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35a Studio showcases the versatility and wonder of concrete in a gorgeous holiday home.


Italian architecture firm 35a Studiowas commissioned by a Milanese couple to construct a holiday home in Northern Italy, made entirely out of concrete!

The studio, which was founded in 2008, is based in the city of Monza, and has renovated, restructured and designed numerous commercial and residential spaces. This particular project took the firm to Italy’s scenic Valverde region, where they constructed the house in the midst of a verdant and hilly landscape.

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The almost exclusive use of concrete to create the structure was both an economical and practical choice. No further structural materials were needed for the project, which meant less expense and a more spacious interior.

The house’s two storeys certainly boast a great deal of room, with an open plan kitchen, living room and dining room area downstairs, and an open loft upstairs that boasts two bedrooms on opposite ends of the space.

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There is also a bathroom, whose green cement floor tiles are one of the few departures from the house’s exposed concrete interior. The other deviations are features made in timber, such as the kitchen cupboards, the bathroom door, and the frames used for the windows and sliding glass doors.

35a Studio’s use of concrete corresponds to the futuristic aestheticchosen for this home. The differently sized square windows lend a modern geometric look to the building, while the roof is remarkable to say the least. Its tilted, sloping shape makes the house look, from a distance, like the bow of a ship.

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Photography: Andrea Carmignola and Maddalena Merlo

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