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Shades of red

This red concrete skatepark in Belguim is an architectural marvel


Located in the Belgian city of Blankenberge, the multi-tonal red concrete skatepark, which also doubles as a public square, was design by Brussels-based studio B-ILD together with Marseille-based skatepark specialist, Constructo.

The architects saw the skatepark functioning as a ‘sculpture in its environment’, therefore they elevated the concrete surface slightly so that it forms a platform that enhances its visibility and strengthens its sculptural qualities.

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Skate ramps rising from all four corners mark the edges of the square, which has a submerged bowl at its centre. The skatepark follows the existing slope of the 900 metre-square site, with the elevated ramps merging into a flat platform that surrounds the bowl.

Different shades of red concrete make up the various areas and features of the skatepark. The inner circle and surfaces of the benches are made from grey concrete, with contrasting rust-coloured steel rails.

Handrails and benches are located around the hexagonal centre of the bowl providing a variation in the surface level for skaters and BMX riders, and a place to sit when the park is not in use.

“The open character of the skatepark, with the addition of a public square allows it to become an integral part of its wider surroundings,” say the architects at B-ILD. “The skate stage strengthens the already existing recreational infrastructure in the city of Blankenberge.

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“The unambiguous and architectural conception aspires to leave a lasting impression on its users and passers-by,” they add.

The popularity of coloured concrete in design has increased over recent years, with materials manufacturer Lanxess recently launching the Concrete Works Award 2017 as part of their Coloured Concrete Works initiative. The Awards aims to promote modern architecture made from tinted concrete.

Constructo has previously collaborated with several other studios on skateparks including an irregular quatrefoil-shaped bowl made of maroon concrete it created in northern France with Planda architects.

Photographs by Dennis De Smet.

Video by Mathieu Hupperts.



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