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Cement can be used to build walls, but can it also break them down? 2014 PPC Imaginarium finalist Lerato Motaung certainly thinks it can.


Lerato Motaung entered PPC Imaginarium in her third year of Applied and Fine Art at Tshwane University of Technology. Her submission, Darkest Hour, expresses her views on the powerlessness afforded children in South Africa.

The Spark of an Idea

In the words of Lerato, “Children have a powerful stake in political outcomes, but they have little power to shape them. Unable to vote or directly represent their own interests in goverening bodies, their ability to influence policy is limited.” So she chose to manifest this sense of helplessness using the medium of cement.

The Method

The Method

Lerato created children’s heads using a rubber mold and different varieties of concrete. Using PPC cement and different types of sands, she was able to create a variety of concrete in different shades and textures.

The Final Piece

The Final Piece

Through the use of PPC cement, Lerato has created a sculpture that aims to shed light on power of patriachy, as well the necessity for advocates who speak on the behalf of children, protecting their rights to survival and development.

Do You Have Something to Say?

Like Lerato, do you have an idea just waiting to be realised through the medium of cement? Enter the 2015 PPC Imaginarium today and share your vision with us.

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