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Sculpture Finalist 2016/Peter Mikael Campbell

The work is a meditation on the pursuit of Truth...


It is important to know that the work is a cast concrete cube used in compressive-strength testing, a standard construction industry practice to verify the strength requirements of concrete mixes.

The work is a meditation on the pursuit of Truth. To begin with, the work asks itself, ‘What is my truth’?

Form and substance answer: "I am a building block, a construction material of strength". Form meets function, its truth revealed.

A step further and the work is symbolic of the physical structure of civilization, the body, so to speak, and the mind that it houses.

Since the work has already established its own truth, so too can it contemplate universal truth in relation to civilization, the pursuit of which is inextricably bound to the logic of the mind.

Religion, science and academia stand testament to this and thus the work can be seen as symbolic of civilization's search for truth.

Lastly, the work reflects on the process of pursuing truth, how the alchemy of civilization, with its accumulation and preservation of knowledge, evolves over time, dancing with truth towards its absolute incarnation.

Like this process, the work itself is in a state of motion, evolving over time; it is literally growing, becoming ever more enshrouded in a build-up of salt crystallization emerging from a reaction within - a crystal skin symbolic of our journey towards enlightenment.

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