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Sculpture Finalist 2016/Mziwoxolo Makalima

“Only Eye Can See” is a hand-built, life-size sculpture of a figure...


“Only Eye Can See” is a hand-built, life-size sculpture of a figure viewing an artwork that has intentionally been left blank. The concept is inspired by the artist’s own experience of studying for many years and pursuing his dream of becoming an artist.

From the outside, the challenges and suffering are invisible – like the hanging artwork with no picture. The artist, however, believed that “A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good!” (Thomas J. Watson).

When parents go through many trials, thick and thin, striving to get their young adult child educated in a formal environment, they hope that their child will finish university and get a job, build a stable life and achieve financial independence. All this tends to put one under a lot of pressure, particularly for those whose relatives do not recognise their unusual talents and understand their drive to choose a specific, unorthodox path.

Thus, the figure in this installation is blind to the beauty of the artwork before him. The hand that is meant to reach out gets shortened.

By using negative criticism to motivate me rather than to open cracks, I have chosen to be like concrete that gets stronger as it weathers. Only I can see where I want to be.

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