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Sculpture Finalist 2016/Janna Kruger

My artwork, “Monument – Intimacy”, consists of four separate concrete structures...


My artwork, “Monument – Intimacy”, consists of four separate concrete structures grouped to practically and symbolically reflect my concept through the use of visual elements such as iconography, representational and experimental proof display, signage and visual suggestion.

My artwork focuses on the essential aspects of intimacy between two individuals. The prevailing views of and orientations towards intimacy are multiple and very often conflicting, which can be confusing. I believe that much of mankind’s misfortunes spring from possibly misguided ways of trying to attain it. My artwork therefore practically and symbolically reflects upon the functionality of real intimacy – a highly engaging topic.

The entire sculpture is made from reinforced concrete with a strong technical approach to allow both its delicacy and strength. I relied on my background in structural engineering for this.

My sculpture consists of four objects that form two pairs. Each object is aligned and kept in position by four small domes at its base and consists of a "ball" part and a "rod" part assembled together. The visual punch of the sculpture is in the almost impossible delicacy of the rods, as well as its richness in shape and texture.

My art is birthed from the soil of personal experience; it can be regarded as a symbol and act of gratitude resulting from a transformative encounter I had on the 29 July 1991.


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