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I imagine this concept expressed through a simple and common object such as a bench.


Concrete is the substance that shapes our existence; our cities, homes, roads, parks, our past, present and future.

Concrete is a long-lasting material and has preserved many historical monuments. Just as previous generations have seen these historical places, so too will our future generations. They may see, touch and experience moments preserved in time. Not only places far away, but perhaps the walls of a childhood home, the roads we once walked down, and the places we sat to ponder such ideas. In this way, through concrete, we share and pass on experiences.

If walls could talk how many stories might they tell? How many layers of memories do they conceal?

I imagine this concept expressed through a simple and common object. I imagine a simple bench that one would generally find in a public area such as a park, near a viewpoint, to watch the sunset, or at the train station... We’ve all sat there. We’ve all pondered whilst sitting there. We’ve shared this space with many others.

The bench will be cast in its mould and have a protective covering on top. Whilst it dries people are invited to sit and ponder… Or even, not sit… Perhaps they may want to lie down or stand upon it. All of these interpretations will be recorded in the cement, all shared and merged into one another.

For the PPC Imaginarium opening event I imagine a finished version displayed and a fresh version ready to be interacted with by visitors.


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