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Jessica Doucha’s art is forged in adversity. Following a serious car accident at age 17, she had to build herself back up piece by piece physically and mentally through a systematic process of self-reflection. And that sublime self-understanding is clear in her work.


Jessica Doucha has led a remarkable life. A finalist in last year’s PPC Imaginarium sculpture category, Jessica has gone through more than most to get to where she is today. Currently finishing off her BTech Honours degree (majoring in sculpture) at the University of Johannesburg, she’s already undergone several transformations, and plans on more.

Jessica Doucha

Destroy. Reflect. Rebuild.

The watershed moment in Jessica’s life – the event that helped shape the artist you see today – came in the form of a serious car accident at age 17. The accident left her needing significant rehabilitation, and threatened to put her hopes and dreams on hold.

Enter the Alexander technique. Pioneered by Australian Fredrick Alexander – a man who himself found his artistic voice through physical adversity – the Alexander technique provides a systematic method for achieving self-awareness. It’s a way of becoming acutely aware of your movements and thoughts so that you can make positive adjustments for a better you.

Offering a means of rebuilding herself and her dreams, Jessica dove into the Alexander technique and, in the process, managed to repair herself physically and focus her artistic intent.

Changing Paths

Jessica has art in her blood. Her personal experiences, however, have shifted her vision and means of expression. A freelance mural artist since high-school, Jessica changed tack in the years following her accident, now intent on become a master sculptor. Her work for the PPC Imaginarium certainly flaunts her effortless ability in the discipline.

But that’s not it for Jessica, who seems allergic to stagnation. Her exhaustive self-reflection leaves her restless for exploration and growth. During a residency at the Maboneng Precinct, she created “Show and Tell” – a gallery dedicated to closing the gap between art student and art professional.

And not satisfied with being an established mural artist and sculptor, Jessica is now also looking to explore the possibilities of performance, video and sound art – a more abstract palette for her to realise her artistic vision.

Her Work

Want to examine the many faces of Jessica Doucha? Take a look at some of her singular work online:

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• On her website

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