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Save the Date! Concrete Workshops Scheduled in SA

The PPC Imaginarium Awards will host a series of creative concrete workshops in August. Sign up to get top tips!


Are you an emerging artist or designer with a passion for breath-taking innovation? Be sure to join one of our inspirational, highly informative workshops on concrete in art and design!

Throughout August, the country’s most supportive art and design competition, the PPC Imaginarium Awards, will be hosting a series of multi-day educational workshops on concrete with various local institutions. Whether you’re a competitor or just looking to expand your own practice, you’re bound to benefit from them!

If you are a Visual Arts student at one of these universities, join one of these workshops and gain valuable knowledge on the uses, properties and modifications of concrete:


            University of Fort Hare & Walter Sisulu University

                        East London           

                        20-22 August 2018


            Nelson Mandela University

                        Port Elizabeth

                        23-24 August 2018


            University of the Free State


                        27-28 August 2018


Members of the general public are invited to attend a free workshop in Nieu-Bethesda, Eastern Cape, at the community hall from 16-18 August 2018. Co-hosted by The Owl House, with which PPC has a long-standing connection, the workshop will run daily from 9am-4pm, though space will be limited to 50 participants. Tea and lunch breaks will be at 11am and 1pm. For more details, or to book your slot, kindly contact Katrina Lottering on 071 441 8128.

Among the topics and activities scheduled for each workshop are:

  • Lectures on new technologies in cement and concrete and unusual things people are making with the material around the world.
  • Various mould-making techniques and how to mix, cast, de-mould and cure concrete.
  • A demonstration with pigments, plasticiser, fibres and accelerators.
  • Participants will be allowed to mix the concrete with various admixtures and to cast their objects at the workshop.

Participants are advised to bring the following items to the workshops:

  • Some form of protection for clothing – an apron, plastic bag or old clothes to work in.
  • Gloves: dish-washing gloves or industrial gloves from a hardware store work best. Latex gloves may be used but these don’t last very long as the river-sand and stone tear them.
  • Buckets or shallow tubs in which to mix the concrete.
  • Plastic cups to measure materials with.
  • Anything you want to cast concrete in; this can be a silicone cake, chocolate or ice-cube mould, plastic containers like empty milk or cold-drink bottles, yoghurt or ice-cream tubs, salad bowls, mineral water bottles or even old plastic toys.
  • Some form of release agent – floor polish, Spray & Cook, Sunlight Liquid or Vaseline. (We will provide industrial release agent but it’s always good to know that you can use items purchased from a hardware store or supermarket.)

PPC will provide the following:

  • Pigments
  • Plasticiser
  • Accelerator
  • Release Agent
  • Cement
  • River-sand
  • Materials to cast moulds with

The PPC Imaginarium Awards is committed to supporting and nurturing the local design and art industries and famously attracts entrants that are among South Africa’s top emerging creatives! With this mandate, it is our goal to inspire, educate and uplift local creatives with cash prizes, workshops, mentorships with leaders in the arts and design industries – and more!

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