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Rules and entry criteria – Jewellery Category

Did you know that your submission could be rejected if it is difficult to transport, install or handle? Here are some of the other important competition guidelines you must know.


Your submission

Online applications should include a 250-word concept statement that expresses what the piece is, technical specs, reference images of the design and concept, sketches and photos or video. The final physical product must be accompanied by a printed copy of your completed online entry profile, ie the conceptual statement, technical statement and reference images of the design.

Assembly and packaging

An entry comprising several parts must be accompanied by simple assembly and disassembly instructions. It is strongly recommended that you assemble the entry yourself. If this isn’t possible, we must be able to contact you for advice.

The item must be designed so that it can be easily packaged, transported, and exhibited. The selection panel and/or organisers reserve the right to refuse an entry that is difficult to transport, install or handle. A delicate or fragile entry must be clearly marked as fragile or delicate. It is strongly recommended that you pack and install a delicate or fragile sculpture yourself. An item that arrives obviously damaged, despite the reason, will be disqualified.

No drilling into the walls of the regional judging points or exhibition venue will be allowed.

The entry must not be older than one year, and must not have been entered into any other competitions, offered for sale or publicly displayed.

Entries must be the artist's original work and not have been introduced to mass production prior to this competition. Post competition, participants may go on to reproduce their works as they see fit.

If a submission makes it to the national round, we advise entrants to personally repackage their piece for transportation to the national judging facilities.

Selling and exhibiting

The item must be for sale and can only be purchased after PPC has exercised its option to purchase.

Selected items must be available for exhibition for at least one year.


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