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Rules and entry criteria – Architecture Category

Entering the Architecture Category? Keep the following important guidelines in mind when completing your submission.


The judges will be assessing your submission based on the following criteria:

  • The extent to which your submission demonstrates a depth of interpretation of the issues around the city, memory and resilience.
  • The extent to which your submission demonstrates architectural design innovation in spatial transformation, regeneration and community development.
  • The extent to which your submission reflects an imaginative response to the challenges and opportunities to be anticipated as a result of rapid urbanisation.
  • The extent to which your submission captures issues that are relevant to the changes to the city which are being represented.
  • The extent to which your submission provokes a response from the viewer and encourages them to reflect on the underlying issues.
  • The strength of the imagery, the power of the narrative and the clarity of the overall presentation.

How to submit your project

When submitting your physical submission (boards and model), make sure to include a PDF of the display boards as well. The CD/DVD or USB drive used to submit the PDF will be returned to entrants at a later stage.

The intervention(s) must be located in any one of the cities or metropolitan areas, which house a Southern African school of architecture. Students are not limited to the city/metropolitan area in which their university is located. The city/metropolitan area and the location of the interventions within the city must be clearly indicated on your competition boards.

Your intervention/s must be larger than 250m2 in floor area, but massing should not exceed 3000m2. If an element is not a building with defined floor areas, it must be of a similar scale or footprint to the requirements above.

Entries must include at least one construction detail.

All work submitted must be submitted on three A1-sized boards and as a model or artefact at any scale, though not to exceed 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm in dimensions.

All entries must be received on or before 17h00 on Monday, 26 February 2018. Keeping checking our social media pages (@PPCImaginarium), website and newsletter for the location of the drop-off points.

The submissions will be exhibited at the AZA 2018 Conference in Pretoria, City of Tshwane, where the winners will be announced.

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