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What happens when you mix concrete and homeware? You get Kreteware!


Kreteware. It sounds like something that Superman would have in his kitchen, right? Well, these concrete-based homeware products do have unusual strength, thanks to a proprietary blend of materials. Designer-maker Dominic Chambers uses his secret formula to create smooth, lightweight and most importantly, durable, concrete products for the home.

Kreteware started out as a class project over 20 years ago and has since evolved into a line of concrete products that includes salt cellars, spice jars, toothbrush holders and office accessories, to mention but a few... Their bold, simple forms make Kreteware’s products the perfect modern kitchen accessories. They’re pretty to look at and pretty handy to have around!

Kreteware’s designer is based in Florida, USA, and produces his entire range of outstanding products by hand.

Here are a few of his more ingenious designs:

Card/Menu Holder


The Kreteware Card/Menu Holder has a very modern look with good lines. The groove slot is centered so that you can view the card easily when it’s placed at the desired location. This piece is perfectly balanced with a low center of gravity so that it is less likely to tip over - unlike others on the market that are made of plastic, wood, or metal.

Concrete Cubes


These cubes come in gray, white or mixed concrete. They function as a building design feature.

Concrete Tiles


These trendy hexagonal tiles come in gray or black and are unsealed.

Concrete spice serving bowl


This set of small concrete serving bowls can be used for dry spices such as salt and pepper. Available in natural gray and carbon black, they come with small bamboo serving spoons.

All Chambers’ products are individually handmade and are for sale via the Kreteware Etsy shop. Kreteware is a great example of a student project that became a long-term commercial success. What do you have up your sleeve?

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