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Q&A with Nangamso Dana

East London-based fashion designer Nangamso Dana was crowned Runner-up in the Fashion Category of the 2018 PPC Imaginarium Awards.


  • Tell us about yourself. Where are you based and what projects/undertakings are you involved in currently?

I am an East London-based designer with a passion for creative expression and hand-craftsmanship. My work technique involves a combination of textile and wool mediums. At the moment, I am focused on steadily growing my expertise as an artist.


  • At what point did you become interested in fashion? What sparked the desire to enter a creative field?

I can't really recall a specific time/age as I have always been creative, and explored many outlets of expression in craft. Through this experimentation, I found designing to be the best creative direction for me.


  • Do you have any formal training and/or qualifications? If so, from where?

I do not have formal training of any kind. Through my interest in handwork, I was able to learn the basics of beading, sewing and crochet from my grandmother at a very young age. When I later became fully aware of my direction, I devoted time and practice in order to develop these skills into my craft.


  • Who and/or what inspires you as a creative?

For me, craft is self-expression. Depending on where you are in your artistic journey, consciously or not, it will be embedded in the design process. My partner and fellow creative has been a great inspiration, however, and has played a major role in shaping my work technique through insight into conceptual presentation and the technicality of garment construction.


  • What is your opinion of the arts and design industries in South Africa?

As a creative, I am very pleased to be involved at a time where artists are evolving and using innovative ideas to create new sphere and movements. Though the absence of capital and platforms with which to bring ideas to life are among the great challenges that we face.


  • As a creative, what part of the PPC Imaginarium Awards did you find the most rewarding/fulfilling?

Every aspect of the journey has been priceless for me. It has been an exciting and educative experience that I wish many more could be part of.


  • What role can a platform like the PPC Imaginarium Awards play among emerging creatives in your industry?

It is great for showcasing potential, as fashion changes rapidly, moving with the current, and can lack creative space for innovative conceptual artworks.


  • What are your plans for the future?

I aim to establish my brand and carve out a space for myself in the craft industry. I am eager to continue to grow as an artist, producing projects that are progressive and reflective.

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