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Q&A with 2017 Film category winner, Stefanus Nel

Ben’s Ladder is a touching animated film about a boy who comes to terms with the passing of his pet. The film’s creator, Stefanus Nel shares more about what inspired the film and reveals what he’ll be working on next.


PPC Imaginarium

1. What was your reaction when you heard them announce you as the winner of the Film category?

I was ecstatic. We worked many late nights and weekends to get the film perfect. Winning the film category made it all worth it.


2. Tell us a bit about yourself. What did you study?

I’m a journalist turned advertising copywriter. My day job is to come up with ideas and write copy. For this project, I turned illustrator and worked with Thabang Lehobye to create the illustrations.


3. What made you enter the competition?

I almost didn’t enter, because I didn’t have a solid story idea to submit. A few days before the entry deadline I decided to take a chance and submitted a short paragraph of an idea that was floating around in my head.


4. What was your experience of the competition?

I loved it. I’ve entered many advertising competitions and PPC Imaginarium was different and exciting. Working with Wessel van Huyssteen helped a lot and his feedback made the film better.


5. What inspired your concept?

I’m an animal lover and I’ve lost quite a few pets over the years. I wanted to tell a story of a boy who lost his cat and how he made peace with it.


6. Where to next now that you have won an award from the PPC Imaginarium Awards?

We’re busy with the final touches on another movie script called Doodle. We have received funding from the National Film Video Foundation and will go into production soon. Winning the PPC Imaginarium Film category award was a great boost for the upcoming project.


7. What insights or advice do you have for those entering the 2018 awards?

Take a chance.

PPC Imaginarium

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