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Hungarian company Planbureau plans a range of one-of-a-kind puzzles moulded from concrete.


Think about being able to take home a piece of your favourite travel destination… No, we’re not suggesting vandalism, or mere tourism trinkets. Instead, imagine being able to immortalise your holiday memories in the form of a 3D puzzle. Hungarian company Planbureau is planning just that with their range of 16 or 36-piece Logiplacespuzzles made of concrete.

These tabletop sculptures will be cast to mimic the topography of famous landmarks and favourite destinations. Using concrete as their casting medium, the Logiplaces creators are able to capture every groove and minor detail of these landscapes. They use a special concrete recipe to fill the moulds. The finishing touches of each piece are handcrafted.


But these are not static sculptures by any means. Instead, a Logiplaces puzzle is a brainteaser. The playable landscape takes shape as it is put together. Much like a traditional jigsaw puzzle, the tiles of the puzzle interlock. But unlike a conventional 2D jigsaw puzzle, this is a 3D affair. Not only does the puzzle have a bas-relief surface, but state-of-the-art 3D technology is used to create the moulds to pour the concrete.

The first four locations that will be on offer are the Grand Canyon, Zermatt in the Alps, Budapest, and San Francisco. If successful, these forerunners will open the door for one-of-kind custom terrains. Planbureau founder Daniel Lakos adds: “We believe that places grow when we fill them with experiences. Logiplaces can give anyone the opportunity to take home these experiences and relive them through a meditating game that’s a brain teaser at the same time!”



Products such as these not only make for a striking showpiece and unusual momento, but stimulate the mind as well.

When looking for inspiration for the PPC Imaginarium Awards, it is vital to think about the possibilities of concrete; the malleable nature, the various finishes it can produce and not to mention the variety of aggregates that can completely change the look-and-feel of a finished piece. But the lesson here is how to successfully combine gamefication, industrial design and concrete. Wanna play?




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