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PPC Imaginarium / Overall Winners / Craig Tyndall & Martin Bolton


Congratulations to Martin Bolton & Craig Tyndall, the first overall winners of the PPC Imaginarium Awards! The announcement was made at last night’s cocktail function at the Young Blood Gallery in Cape Town, where the work of all finalists were exhibited.

Bolton and Tyndall, who won the Industrial Design category in January, were overwhelmed at their second victory. “What started as a fun evening project turned out to be something that won the hearts of a lot of the people who had a chance to engage with it,” they said.

Their winning piece, a speaker unit made from concrete and other materials, bowled the judging panel over with its combination of appealing form and practical function. The piece is a true reflection of the minds that produced it- with Bolton being an industrial designer and researcher, while Tyndall’s background lies in civil engineering.

For the pair, entering the PPC Imaginarium Awards was an opportunity to challenge themselves with an interesting design problem. Tyndall’s engineering career meant that he already had experience with concrete, but putting the material to a very different use was an exciting prospect. “For us, the biggest challenge was getting to understand what physical forms can be constructed from concrete; whilst lacking the skills of working with it on a small scale,” the team admits.

Despite the difficulties, both Bolton and Tyndall found the process to be immensely rewarding. “Seeing the completed speaker connected and playing music at the exhibition evening was an overwhelmingly positive feeling. We weren’t able to test the final prototype before, as we completed it on the submission day deadline.”

So what lies ahead for this promising duo? For both gentlemen, winning the overall prize of R100 000 has been an unexpected victory that will undoubtedly give a boost to their future endeavours. “It has showed me that the safe approach isn’t always the best approach,” says Bolton.

If you’re an aspiring entrant for this year’s Imaginarium Awards, Tyndall and Bolton’s advice is clear: spend more time working with concrete and make plenty of prototypes before your final design. Tyndall adds, “Concrete isn’t predictable, so get dirty as soon as possible!”

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