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We’ve already covered how to pack small and medium sized pieces – but what about when a cardboard box just won’t do? If you’re entry is too big or too heavy, you might have to crate it.


Something important to consider is that no matter how brilliant an entry, if it breaks, cracks, or crumbles, it won’t be considered by the judges. Reinforcing your concrete properly is a vital step, but what is equally important is carefully packaging your piece.

Crating It

The safest and most robust way to pack a large, heavy piece is in a wooden crate. Crates are specifically designed to manage heavier loads. You can buy a crate online, or from a shipping supplier, or even make you own.

Wrapping Your Piece

As with medium-sized pieces, you will need to wrap your piece in bubble wrap before packing it. If your entry can be dismantled, make sure you wrap each piece individually. Pay particular attention to areas of weakness/extreme fragility. You should not be able to feel any part of the piece through the bubble wrap.

Choosing Your Crate

Once your piece is wrapped, you can choose your crate. Pick one that leaves about 6cm of space between your piece and all the walls of the crate.


Line the bottom of your crate with about 8cm of shredded paper or packing peanuts, then place your wrapped piece in the centre of the crate and fill all the remaining spaces.


To best protect your artwork, build a brace specifically for your piece. Bear in mind that this will impact the size of the crate you need as you will still need 6cm of space between your (now braced and wrapped) piece and the walls of the crate.

Still a Bit Stuck?

We hope you’ve found our series on packing your piece useful. Have we missed something, or are you still a bit stuck? Get in touch with us:

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