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Not just an illusion

Material Immaterial Studio designs concrete furniture hardware inspired by the works of architect Carlo Scarpa.


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Material Immaterial Studio is a Mumbai-based design studio that has recently produced a number of minimalist-themed collections made of concrete, including earrings, cufflinks and miniature concrete homes. The studio’s most recent collection, titled ‘Mirage’,features architectural-inspired patterns that play with light and shadow. These patterned effects were heavily influenced by what the designers say they experience “when walking through the works of Carlo Scarpa”.

Scarpa was an Italian architect who was inspired by the materials, landscape and history of Venetian culture. He is perhaps best known for the way in which he was able to combine time-honoured crafts with modern manufacturing processes.

However, it is Scarpa’s unrivaled ability to play with form and light that has had the most influence on the Material Immaterial Studio’s ‘Mirage” collection. “The collection strives to capture the essence of some of the space-defining elements from Scarpa’s works,” they explain.

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‘Mirage’, which comprises concrete door handles, drawer knobs and robe hooks, echoes the same solidity and characteristics from Scarpa’s works. Some of the pieces have been designed with a zigzag pattern to reduce the heaviness of the concrete material, making it seem light and delicate, while other pieces are meant to express a sense of solidity. ‘Mirage’, with its unique design, evokes the senses with every touch.

“Both light and shadow come together and give precedence to the tactile elements that define a space,” says the studio. “These elements being sharp and robust seem soft to touch, they exclude then enclose, admitting light, wind and a curious visitor, who leaves behind the disorder of every day existence to be sheltered in this realm of illusion,” they add.

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