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The PPC Imaginarium is extremely privileged to have Stuttaford Van Lines on board as our official transport sponsor. Read more about their involvement in this year’s competition.


Stuttaford Van Lines will be ensuring that all finalist pieces are carefully and professionally transported from regional to national judging points. We caught up with Stuttafords’ Fine Art Executive Margarida Fernandes to find out a little bit more about the company.

Imaginarium: What has been the most difficult move that Stuttafords has had to arrange?

Margarida: We never see a move as a problem, but rather as a challenge from which we can learn. Of course, some items are much more difficult to transport than others. A few examples are artworks that have had to be transported in travel frames, or big art pieces that have been moved from an 8th floor where the only option we had was to carry it down the stairs until such time as we could access the lift. Thankfully we have a great technical team who are able to go out and assess the height of the building, the various access points, the size of the moving crew needed and what options we have. We have even been known to use a helicopter when the stairs and the lift weren’t an option!

Imaginarium: What attracted Stuttafords to get involved in the PPC Imaginarium Awards?

Margarida: Like PPC, Stuttaford Van Lines has been a part of the South African landscape for over 100 years. In fact, we’ve been around for over 150! Stuttaford Van Lines support South African art, so when the opportunity arose for us to sponsor the packing and transport of the artworks for this competition, we gladly accepted it. By being a part of the PPC Imaginarium, Stuttaford Van Lines can bring the work to the audience, enabling South Africans to appreciate the abundance and beauty of art available in their own back yard.

Imaginarium: Lastly, what valuable tips/advice can Stuttafords provide to artists who are participating in this year’s competition? Are there important things that they need to consider when packaging their pieces?

Margarida: With cement, due to the fragility of some of the works, we tend to use tissue paper and then aerothene or bubblewrap. The work is then placed inside a box or wooden crate. We have a selection of materials at our disposal which we use when making an assessment of how the works should be wrapped and packed. We understand that an artwork is an extension of the artist, so we take every care possible when packing their works.

Stuttaford's Truck

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