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In the latest in our series of ‘Meet the Judges’ posts, Theresa Hardman offers us her take on life as a multidisciplinary artist...


Please fill us in on your background?

I am an architect and artist and work in various media. Having taught design and drawing at the NMMU School of Architecture for 21 years, I now run an Art & Design studio with my husband in Walmer, Port Elizabeth. I am passionate about developing creativity in all its forms. I teach art and run creativity workshops and am also busy with research towards a PhD that focuses on understanding the non-rational aspects of the creative process.

Why do you think that you were chosen as a PPC Imaginarium judge?

I'd like to think it is because I am multi-disciplinary; having had experience in the design world, the art world and the educational world.

What is the professional achievement that you are most proud of to date?

I was selected as an international adjudicator for the Namibian Institute of Architects Merit Awards in 2008. I am also really proud of the fact that I extracted myself from academia and dared to open my own Art & Design studio. I am living my dream!

What excites and inspires you about South African creative talent?

I love the fact that South African designers are rooted in tradition, but are not slaves to it. I see artists and designers working with spontaneity and honesty as they acknowledge the local context, but strive to interpret it in a highly personal way.

Any advice for the PPC Imaginarium entrants?

Be honest, be open and dare to make mistakes!

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