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Meet the Judges - Stephen Hobbs, 2015

Meet Stephen Hobbs: South African artist, curator, and PPC Imaginarium Awards regional judge.


Since graduating from Wits University with a BA (Hons.) in Fine Art, Stephen Hobbs’ artistic and curatorial insights have been largely informed and influenced by the city of Johannesburg. Growing up and working in Johannesburg, Stephen has watched the space transform from an Apartheid construct into a truly diverse city – a space with a multiple African identity.


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When discussing his personal relationship with the city, Stephen says that he often wonders what it would have been like to live in a different city or country. In so many ways, his artistic vocabulary has been defined by the challenges and the unique experience of growing up in Johannesburg. Through his work, Stephen has paid particular attention to the impact that defensive urban planning and architecture has had on the behavioural aspects of both the city and those who inhabit it.

Stephen Hobbs Dazzle Building

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In 2000, along with fellow artists Jose Ferreira and Kathryn Smith, Hobbs founded The Trinity Session. An art consultancy and project management initiative, The Trinity Session has grown into an important collaborative project, where urban planners, architects and artists interested in public art can come together to share ideas and implement projects. Stephen’s work takes the form of video, photography and installation, melding the worlds of fine art and architecture. Stephen also has a background in curatorship, and used his experience to design this year’s Imaginarium Awards travelling exhibition. His work is exhibited in both private and public collections in South Africa, the UK and the USA.

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