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This year, the PPC Imaginarium Awards judging panel welcome Karima Effendi to the team. With a long and varied career in the film and TV industry and a passion for education, we are thrilled to have Karima on board as a film category judge.


Karima grew up in Cape Town, completing a BA Honours degree in English (cum laude) from the University of the Western Cape in 1996. Soon after she finished studying, Karima moved to Johannesburg where she began to gain the all-round experience in TV production that has defined her career in the industry. Having worked as a production assistant, researcher and writer, director and producer, Karima uses her deep understanding of the film value chain to build creative industries, harness the potential of people she works with, and ultimately transform society for the better.

Previous Work

From 2009 to 2011, Karima produced Intersexions (Season 1) – an extremely well-received educational HIV/AIDS TV drama series that went on to win 11 SAFTA awards and a George Peabody award in 2012. It was the success of Intersexions that pushed Karima to pursue feature film development.

A Passion for Social Change

Karima has become sought after in the industry as a content specialist in film and television with her commitment to social change always informing her working practice. She is not only known for the quality of her work, but how she approaches a project with integrity to vision, purpose and output.

Going Forward

Karima has taught, happily and intermittently, throughout her career, educating students in the disciplines of documentary film, television broadcast, and English. Currently, she works as a writer and screenplay editor both independently, and for the National Film and Video Foundation. She is working on her third commissioned screenplay and plans to embark on an MA in 2016.

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