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Tessa Sprawson is a fashion category finalist from the 2015/2014 PPC Imaginarium Awards. Responding innovatively to typical ideas that surround cement, Tessa’s fashion and accessory designs take texture as a starting point. She looks at the various ways in which cement can be moulded into different finishes and forms. With the idea of infusing contemporary fashion trends with a dangerous elegance, the future looks bright for this PPC Imaginarium finalist. We chatted to her about her experience of the competition:


1. How did you find your inspiration working with cement?

Cement was something I had never considered using before, but noticing the different textures it creates in different phases was what inspired me. It contradicted everything I had ever created, and so to challenge myself in that way was extremely exciting.

2. What challenges did you encounter whilst working on your submission and can you offer any tips to aspiring finalists?

Working with a totally new material means a lot of trial and error. Practice your techniques before making your final piece!

Tessa Sprawson Fashion

3. What have you been up to since you were selected as a PPC Imaginarium finalist?

I've been working as a stylist and image consultant.

4. How has being involved with the competition benefited your career?

More than just benefiting my career, entering this competition has given me the confidence to see and create potential in unlikely places.

5. Can you fill us in on your future plans?

My plans are to grow and gain experience as a stylist and designer, to stay inspired and creatively challenged, and definitely to enter PPC Imaginarium again!

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