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Meet the Judges – Enrique Browne, 2018

Respected Chilean architect, writer and designer Enrique Browne weighs in on the first PPC Imaginarium Award for Architecture.


  • You have received over 70 awards and honourable mentions in various competitions and biennales. What would you say has been the highlight of your career?

The career of an architect involves learning throughout one’s life. All of my projects have had good and bad aspects, I hope not to repeat these errors. Of course, some of my projects have been more appreciated than others. However, I always hope that the next one will be the best. Regarding the quality, some very important points include the relation one has with the client, and whether he or she is disposed to innovation.

According to the CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats) Journal (Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago), the Consorcio Building seems to be the first high-rise building with "vertical green walls" in the world. Another of my projects, the Waterfall Buildings (with 35 and 25 floors), detailed in a book published by By Architect Publications (Barcelona, 2017), seems to be the first high-rise fountain project anywhere.


  • Who (or what) inspires you as an architect/designer/writer?

Nature and innovation.


  • A great deal of your work seeks to reconcile the natural and artificial worlds through architecture. In your view, what are the main environmental factors that architects entering the industry ought to prioritise?  

The main environmental factors are those pre-existing in the context in which you will work. For example, in the social context, such factors include the client’s aspirations, cultural backgrounds and resources. In terms of physical contexts, they include the public space of the project and the buildings around it (if they exist), as well as the climate and natural geography, and so on.


  • What challenges does one face as an architect starting out in the industry?

The principal challenge that an architect starting out faces is acquiring the skills needed for the construction of the ideas, and finishing them in detail. The next challenge is to find a client.


  • What role can a platform like the PPC Imaginarium Award for Architecture play among aspiring architects?

The PPC Imaginarium Award for Architecture can give aspiring architects the impulse to be good and responsible professionals, as well as good artists.

  • What was your impression of the entries of the 2018 PPC Imaginarium Award for Architecture?

There were some very good projects, it’s important that entrants keep focusing their efforts as solution-based.


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