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The Making Of

Fashion designer Janine Potts reveals how she crafted her entry


What did you make?

A range of handbags inspired by the Khoisan people. 

PPC Imaginarium

What or who did you turn to for inspiration when you were deciding what to create for the competition?

The Khoisan people and their belief that a person is a person in relation to other people. In other words: “I am because you are." 


How did you finally decide what you would make and submit?

As a South African, I think I must have some connection to the Khoisan people, their creativity and their resourcefulness. As I researched I discovered that they actually had different bags for different things. 


Please briefly explain the process of what it took to create your piece.

a) I first had to buy all the raw materials. 

b) Then I had to make the patterns. 

c) Then I had to cut all the panels of leather and make the decor out of cement. 

d) Then I had to start the assembly process of stitching the panels together and hand-sewing the decor onto them to complete the pieces

e) Finally, I had to paint the pieces with cement. 


Did you ever change your idea or start over? If so, why?

No, I did not. 


Had you much experience with working with concrete before? If so, what?

No, I don’t really have that much experience, just that I entered the competition last year as well. 


What was the most important thing you learned during the process?

I wasn't able to attend the workshops, because of work, but I did go to all the links on the website. They were really helpful. 


What was the most frustrating thing about working with concrete? 


Well, as a creative person I like to create and make a mess. So I suppose the cleaning up afterwards… 


What was the best part about working with concrete?

The best thing about working with concrete is that you can create (mould) a piece that you have imagined. 

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