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This year’s Industrial Design category was won by partners Martin Bolton and Craig Tyndall..


This year’s Industrial Design category was won by partners Martin Bolton and Craig Tyndall. Bolton is an industrial designer and researcher, while Tyndall’s background is in Civil Engineering. Their winning piece is a speaker unit made mostly from concrete, combined with Perspex and wood.

For the construction of the concrete speaker, Imaginarium entrants were inspired by the works of Heinz Isler and Felix Candala- who are renowned for pushing the limits of thin shell concrete structures. Using a mesh of steel and rebar, a mixture of sand and cement can be moulded into any desired shape. This is called ferrocement.

PPC cement Imaginarium Industrial Design Category Winners

Bolton and Tyndall applied this to a much smaller product, but used the same principles of thin shell organic forms. The concrete speaker was moulded using a mixture of cement and sand and thin steel fibre. This reduces the formation of surface cracks due to shrinkage and allows for a gloss finish.

The shape of the speaker horn, reminiscent of the indigenous African trumpet made from a Kudu horn, carries the sound outward and towards its audience. The mass and dampening properties of concrete also allow it to be a superior acoustic medium. The application of structural engineering principles and mould-making techniques allowed for a truly unconventional speaker form.

This piece is an excellent example of a product that challenges the perception of concrete as an everyday construction material. Bolton and Tyndall’s clever thinking combines simple, elegant form with superior audio functionality; both of which were applauded by the Imaginarium judging panel.

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