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Our 2015 film category winners get the stamp of approval from international film festivals!


PPC Imaginarium award recipients, André and Anri Coetzee of CO2 Pictures, recently received international recognition from The Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (PFFM) 2015 and Tanzrauschen International Dance on Screen Festival for their award-winning short film titled “Lilith - Genesis One”.

The film will be screened at the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2016 and received an “Official Selections” stamp, a certificate confirmation of participation, and recognition in the No Competition New Film Makers category. The festival, which is geared towards independent filmmakers, actors and script writers, received an astonishing number of entries in 2015 – more than 1600 movies from over 110 countries around the world vied for a place in the 2016 event!

Lilith Genesis One

The film has also been selected for screening at the Tanzrauschen International Dance on Screen Festival at the cultural center “die börse” in Wuppertal, Germany, from 28-31 January 2016. In collaboration with national and international festival partners, Tanzrauschen presents different film categories of the Dance on Screen culture, from short Art House films to full-length documentaries.

CO2 Pictures director and co-founder Anri Coetzee said: “We would like to thank PPC Ltd and PPC Imaginarium for their support and collaboration in helping us to bring our vision from the page to the screen, as well as every individual who gave their time and skill to develop this piece of visual art. We are truly grateful for this opportunity.”

PPC Imaginarium director and architect Daniel van der Merwe commented: “We are extremely proud of our association with the film and its makers. We are very happy to see our winners being acknowledged for their outstanding work and artistic merit.”

“Lilith - Genesis One” won an award in the Film Category of the PPC Imaginarium Awards in March 2015. The experimental short film, which incorporated cement in various forms with contemporary dance, is told through the structured improvisation of physical theatre performers Nicola Haskins and Gopala Davies, who have both enjoyed success as choreographers and directors in theatre.

Lilith Genesis One

The concept of “Lilith - Genesis One” is a re-envisioning of the Creation, featuring a relatively unknown biblical character, Lilith. According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was created around the same time as Adam. The difference, however, is that she was made from “filth and sediment, instead of pure dust”. In the film Lilith exists in a universe of cement and brick, of which she is a part and from which she creates. She spends her infinite time alone sculpting figures and searching for a partner within her material and herself. This film aims to challenge traditional precepts of the Creator and Creation.

Shot in one day at The Sheds in Pretoria, this is CO2 Pictures’ first short film that was produced, directed and edited entirely by Anri and André Coetzee (who are neither married nor related). Its strong concept, beautiful cinematography and interesting use of cement make this film truly exceptional!

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