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Concrete pendants are playful takes on lampshades. We shed light on the most switched-on lamps around…


Concrete has become de rigueur as a mainstream interior design direction. Like most trends for the home, it started as an edgy, high-end industrial look that enjoyed significant uptake and has thus widened in appeal to satisfy broader appetites.

This has created a significant opportunities for designers to explore a range of home accessories and objet d’art made from concrete. The plethora of products currently on the market is testament to this. The PPC Imaginarium itself is a vital threshing floor for prototype designs that could make their way to commercial reality.

Of the many concrete products already on the market, there’s a broad range of suspended pendant light fittings that have been cast in concrete. These are especially delightful for the way they defy expectation. Concrete is usually conceived as a weighty, solid material that would be too heavy for a lampshade and would furthermore block all light. But enter the contemporary vogue for clustering a number of focused downlights, and this is quickly overcome. As for the problem posed by the weight of the material? Again this has been solved by grouping a collection of smaller lights, as opposed to one large pendant, and by using much lighter composite materials.

Also successful is the new combination of concrete with other materials as wood or plastic, bringing a dynamic direction to contemporary lighting design. Here, we have included a few international pendant fittings to offer you some fresh inspiration:

Mixed media:

The brand Specimen Editions offers a variety of products made in concrete, with some especially wonderful vases, but here, we have chosen to admire the Cement Wood Pendant designed by Decha Archjananun from thinkk studio.

cement wood

cement wood
Images via thinkk

Sleek and chic:

The aptly named Aplomb concrete pendant from design house Foscarini oozes Scandi chic updated in cement… Besides traditional gray it also comes in tinted white and clay colours.

Image via Foscarini


Dutch designer Renate Vos plays with the striking and surprisingly warm combination of cement and silicone in her duo-tone pendants and standing lamps.

Image via Designboom.

In South Africa, concrete pendants are already widely available through Radiant lighting, which is stocked at Builders Warehouse. Have a first-hand look at the JC108 and JC112 to see what can be accomplished, as the starting point for your own design journey…

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