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How to make your own cement candleholder


We recently hosted a series of DIY cement candleholder workshops at the Cape Town Mini Maker Faire. The workshops were so popular that we decided to share this easy step-by-step guide with you. You can make your own for fun, or use the formula for all sorts of innovative purposes – like your physical entry!

What will you need?

  • Cemcrete SculptCrete
  • Cemcrete FlexBond
  • Water
  • Balloons
  • Gloves
  • Empty mixing containers
  • Spoons
  • Cup

Optional extras:

  • Cemcrete ColourCem (a powder additive to colour the SculptCrete mix)
  • Cemcrete CemForce (a reinforcing membrane)
  • Spraypaint
  • Candles
  • Sanding paper


Blow up the balloon to the desired size of the completed holder


Mix approximately 0.5kg of Cemcrete SculptCrete (enough for one holder) with Cemcrete FlexBond (you will receive it already diluted with water, so use as is) to achieve the consistency of thick icing - creamy and smooth with no lumps.

Optional: You can add ColourCem to the mix to change the colour of the SculptCrete. Taking care that not more than 10% of your mix is ColourCem, this will decrease the strength of the SculptCrete.


Coat the balloon with the cement mixture. Be sure to spread the cement mixture evenly around the circumference of the balloon leaving the bottom of the balloon uncovered.

Be creative with the opening. This will become the top of your holder that you will be looking into when it is complete.

*Recommended to wear gloves

Optional: To strengthen your bowl you can embed some of the CemForce membrane into the ScupltCrete mix at this step.

DIY Concrete Candleholders


Rest your coated balloon on a cup. Allow the cement to dry for at least 24 hours. If you can stand to wait 48 hours that will allow the cement to cure completely and it will be stronger.


Once the cement has dried completely, cut off the knot to deflate the balloon and carefully remove the balloon.


You can sand the edges of your holder or leave as is.


You can paint the inside of the holder in a metallic colour. Then put a tea light inside the holder and enjoy the beautiful glow.

DIY Concrete Candleholders

Image via Living Maths; Cover image via Homedit

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