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Join PPC Ltd’s cement and concrete information-sharing platform

Got a question about concrete? The Cement & Concrete Cube is about to become your one-stop resource for all things concrete.


What if we you told you that the answers to all your concrete- and cement-related questions was just a click away? That not only would you have instant access to a bank of information, but that you could speak directly to industry experts?

Powered by an intelligent search engine, the Cement & Concrete Cube (C3) platform was created by PPC Ltd to connect and facilitate collaboration, web-based interaction and information-sharing between cement and concrete users, academics, industry experts, students and built-environment enthusiasts. The platform allows its members to post blogs, wikis, documents, graphics and comments in private or public interest groups, and provides access to information-rich articles, data and research.

“The platform not only enables public access to the information database but allows connections between PPC’s own team members. We believe that experts and thought leaders will be able to inform and influence the industry through this platform and in doing so, take the concrete and construction industry in Africa to the next level,” says Hanlie Turner, PPC’s Specialist of Technical Information Services.

Some of C3’s features include:

· Crocodoc: a programme, which renders documents into HTML format, which affords users the facility to assess the appropriateness of the content, before using bandwidth to download large documents.

· Serendipity search engine: a Google-like ‘intelligent’ search facility which automatically extracts metadata and builds the document taxonomy to facilitate efficient searching on multimedia content linked to the C3 platform.

“This is certainly a first of its kind in the cement and concrete industry. C3 is more than a professional directory, pin-board or social chat page – the facility to upload and share information in all formats makes C3 so unique,” adds Turner.

PPC Ltd envisages that the content and scope will grow over time to become the one-stop, go-to source and resource for the Built Environment in South Africa, and the African continent.


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