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Jewellery Finalist 2016/S'bhekile Ndlangisa

My “Interlocking Jewellery” is influenced by engineering...


My “Interlocking Jewellery” is influenced by engineering. I take my inspiration from the objects that I associate with mechanical engineering and industrial manufacturing, such as gears, interlocking pieces and bicycle chains.

There are a lot of technical issues I have to take into consideration in order to reduce these mechanical parts to a smaller scale. I am trying to break away from the idea of flat, static jewellery by applying mechanical movement to my pieces and making them more three-dimensional. I am more interested in the motion that machines produce, so I try to transform the idea of motion into a piece of jewellery.

Firstly, I brainstorm new designs by drawing my concept sketches on paper. Then I use Rhino (CAD). I then cut my Rhino3D designs into wax models using computer-aided manufacture. Lastly, I use the lost-wax casting method to cast my wax models into metal.


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