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A design of two organic rings replicating the shapes and forms of human bones.


Inspired by the anatomy of the body, I designed two rings replicating the shapes and forms of human bones. The shapes of these rings are organic and are designed with flowing lines. One ring covers two fingers while the larger ring covers three fingers.

The rings can be worn together as they complement one another's shape and colour, but they can also be worn separately. One ring is made of white cement with green stones while the other ring's concrete is coloured to a natural olive green. The green binds the two designs together and gives the pieces an organic and natural feel.

The inspiration plays on the idea that both concrete and bones are resilient as well as fundamental for the strength of the entire physical entity – be it a human body or structure. Concrete and bones have long-lasting characteristics; they are usually what is left behind after the outer shell is gone.

The concrete framework from an abandoned structure and the bones of a deceased body can still tell their story long after everything else has disappeared.


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