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Our existence exhibits a constant state of struggle...


Our existence exhibits a constant state of struggle between fragility versus strength and humans versus nature. Humans are the most successful species on earth but we are eroding the planet to support ourselves.

We are so adaptable that we change the environment to suit ourselves. It is almost as if we have declared ourselves independent from nature. But we are not separate from the natural world; we forget that the very air we breathe in, is what trees breathe out.

It is an interesting notion in life that something that appears delicate has unseen strength, and things that appear strong can be very delicate. Both humans and the natural world exhibit both strength and fragility. We are resilient against certain impacts, yet certain changes in the environment make us extremely fragile.

Although humans are destroying the natural world, nature is fighting back to reclaim its space in our concrete jungles. It is visible in our daily lives, whether it is a flower pushing its way through a crack in a sidewalk, or the roots of a tree enveloping structures, breaking through concrete barriers, and cracking the foundations and walls of neglected buildings.

The inspiration for my ring design is the co-existence of strength and fragility in both humans and nature. I have utilised concrete to depict humans and delicate flowers created in metal to depict nature.


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