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A jewellery collection that’s taken concrete to heart

Ivanka’s Organ Jewellery is just what the doctor ordered


Now you can wear your heart (or any one of the body’s five vital organs) on your sleeve (quite literally), thanks to Hungarian-based design studio, Ivanka’s wearable concrete jewellery designs. Aptly named Organ Jewellery, the limited ollection was designed for Ivanka by Anna Szabo and brings the human body’s vital organs and the serious topic of health consciousness into prominence.

Szabo explains the concept behind Organ Jewellery: “Human organs are developed to perfection but as long as they are inside our body, their shapes are not emphasised and only follow function. The collection turns the body inside out and brings the hidden organs into the limelight.”

Made entirely of wearable, high-performance concrete, the range comprised of five pendants, each in the shape of a vital human organ – heart, liver, stomach, lung and kidney. The pendants hang on a detachable transparent silicone tube and contain hidden magnets which allow the organs to stick on a variety of surfaces, such as belt buckles, lamps and fridges.

The collection was produced in four colourways - white, natural, grey and charcoal. Each piece has been crafted with precision to exactly replicate each organ.

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A master at designing with the building material, Ivanka is behind a range of architectural and design-related projects and products that incorporate the use of reinforced concrete. Founded by Katalin and Andras Ivanka in 2002, the company has become a leading architectural and designer concrete brand renowned for its progressive design and technological solutions with concrete.

Since its inception, Ivanka has made a name for itself by adding a design perspective to what is otherwise widely viewed as an industrial material. They have taken concrete and elevated the material to a new level, creating products that defy normal concrete capacities and rock today’s conventional image of this material.

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