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Chris Van Rensburg is the founder Studio C Jewellers and the Jewellery category winner of the PPC Imaginarium.


Chris Van Rensburg founded Studio C Jewellers based in Parktown Johannesburg in 2001. Today, the studio is renowned as an industry leader, acclaimed for its quality designs and manufacturing perfection through use of latest technology and techniques. Van Rensburg, our winner of this year’s Imaginarium Jewellery category, is also the Chairman of the Jewellery Council of South Africa.

Chris van Rensburg’s concept was simple: to illustrate that fine jewellery can be manufactured and compete in the commercial market using non-conventional materials. Cement, as he discovered, was a very appropriate medium.

His piece features a two piece concrete cast with a filigree pattern, mounted on a stainless steel sleeve with a set band of 96 round brilliant cut diamonds = 0.48A in between.

Van Rensburg’s was loved by the judging panel for its juxtaposition of delicate design and brutal concrete. The intricacy of the filigree pattern also demonstrates the sheer versatility of cement as a creative medium.

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