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What if the jewellery we wore not only looked beautiful, but spread a social message? We take a look at how designer Justice Matshele’s work manages to do both at once.


2014 Imaginarium finalist Justice Nkgodi Matshele draws influence from his immediate surroundings – the African vista. His piece, Erratic Harmony, is an interpretation of our continent’s varied and singular landscape.

Erratic Harmony by Justice Matshele

Erratic Harmony by Justice Matshele

Designing with Intention

Using PPC cement, Justice designed and cast seven pebbles – each representing a different aspect of Africa’s natural beauty: forests, lakes, rivers, hills, valleys and plant and animal life. Although each is represented on its own, they are all connected by silver rods, expressing the interconnectedness of every pebble. The final result is a beautiful expression of a whole and healthy enviroment.

It’s in the Name

The name, Erratic Harmony, is inspired by the organic arrangement of nature – where everything not only has its place, but works symbiotically. Civilisation has negatively impacted on the natural harmony of the earth, causing damage that in some cases, is irreversible. Justice believes that we need to engage with social issues as it is only by facing them head-on that we can hope to make for a better future. We loved how, using our cement, Justice created a piece of jewellery that was not only beautiful, but simultaneously conveyed an important message. This is one of the reasons he was named a finalist in the PPC Imaginarium Awards 2014.

Do You Have Something to Say?

Like Justice, do you believe in manifesting your convictions as art? Enter the 2015 PPC Imaginarium now and discover the beauty of using cement as a medium of expression.

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