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Isaac Cordal is a Spanish street artist whose project, “Cement Eclipses” can be found all over Europe … if you know where to look that is.


A Nomadic Project

Beginning the project in 2006, Cement Eclipses has been discovered by passers-by in urban areas in many European cities, including Berlin, Brussels, Liege, Vigo and Barcelona. The project falls somewhere between street art and installation, but photography plays an important role in both witnessing the pieces execution and acting as a record of the project for later exhibitions.

Using concrete, Cordal creates miniature figurines in dioramas ranging from the comical to the desperately sad. The tiny pieces – which stand about 25cm high – are then reproduced using silicon moulds.

Cement Eclipses

A Societal Critique

Cordal describes his work as a critique of our ever-growing collective inertia. In an interview with The Rooms Magazine, Cordal said, “I believe that every small act can contribute to a change. Many small changes can bring back social attitudes that manipulate the global inertia and turn it into something more positive. Cement Eclipses ultimately has a poetic background in which tiny figures become survivors in the urban environment.”

To see more of Cordal’s exquisite work, visit the Cement Eclipses website or have a look at his Flickr stream.

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