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Interview with Cara Jade Bezuidenhout

PPC Imaginarium Awards 2017 Fashion category winner, Cara Jade Bezuidenhout says that entering the competition is an opportunity that should not be missed.


What was your reaction when you heard them announce you as the winner of the Fashion category?

I was deeply humbled and grateful for winning the fashion category and I am so thankful to the PPC Imaginarium Awards for allowing us as young designers to enter such competitions that push our ability and force us to think outside of the box.

PPC imaginarium

Tell us a bit about yourself. What did you study?

I am a recent graduate from the Cape Town College of Fashion Design and am currently working on the development of my personal brand, “South of the Woods”, which specialises in one-of-a-kind, custom pieces for individuals, corporate, TV, advertorials, film and stage.

What made you enter the competition?

Having the opportunity to further explore fashion design and to push the boundaries by working with cement as a medium. It was a great opportunity to increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons, and the fact that there was an incredible prize and networking opportunities linked to it was even more enticing.

What was your experience of the competition?

The competition was a great experience. The gala event was great and we have received great responses from media as well as potential customers, which is a great reflection of the success and impact of this competition.

What inspired your concept?

The brief mentioned that we should use cement as a point of inspiration, so the first thing I did was ask myself what cement means to me. I closed my eyes and thought back to my childhood and growing up in a DIY family. A picture came to mind of a half-used bag of cement in the corner of a room with cement dust floating in the air. It then dawned on me that the cement without a bag would remain stationary and that the bag would not be a 'cement' bag without the cement within it. This got me thinking about how we as people are exactly the same, our bodies are there to give us mobility, but it is what we have within that defines us and not what we look like. And I decided to run with the journey of cement from the bag to beautiful objects and creations.

Where to next now that you are a PPC Imaginarium Awards winner?

Onward and upward! I intend to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion and to keep doing what I love to do.

What insights or advice do you have for those entering the 2018 awards?

Read your brief carefully. Don’t be afraid of failing or of pushing the boundaries. The beauty of this competition is that it forces you out of your comfort zone; so don’t be afraid to go there. It is okay to wear your heart on your sleeve every now and then, take people on the journey with you and enjoy it!

What would you like to see more of in the art and design sector of South Africa?

I think to continue to see our artists and designers pushing the boundaries of what art, sculpture and design is said to be and to see more exploration with regard to materials and mediums being used.

Should anyone want to view or purchase your designs, how can they contact you?

I can be contacted using the following details:

Instagram: south_of_the_woods





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