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Industrial Design Finalist 2016/Nicky van den Aardweg

This creation is a sculptural, mixed-media wall tile for interiors...


This creation is a sculptural, mixed-media wall tile for interiors. Each tile panel is a different, organic combination of concrete, resin, rock salt and moss.

The crevices in the tiles allow delicate mosses to grow and nestle into the patterns, combining the natural with the man-made in an integrated wall feature. This living tile highlights how interior design shapes the environment in which we live by creating and encouraging unique feature spaces.

Inspired by the trend of precious elements and where they come from, the panels’ shapes show the contrast of facets and crystals in earthy, coral textures and the water surrounding them. The tiles are designed to appeal to people’s fascination with plants – from air plants to water plants – and the novel ways they are finding to introduce these into the home.

Cement is the basis for the tiles as it forms the impermeable layer in the mix, and binds with the transparent resin to create a juxtaposition of layers, colour, depth and light. Each wall tile is unique as a result of different variables in the making process, including the combination of the resin and concrete, the pattern created when mixed, and the growth of moss.

These tiles can be backlit when mounted to the wall to create an illuminated sculptural piece that becomes part of the building. This is a tile and a living feature piece.

Embedded in the architecture, it highlights the smallest bits of delicate life among the permanence of the man-made.


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