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The GrandDaughter Clock is a modern take on the grandfather clock...


My PPC Imaginarium entry, ’The GrandDaughter Clock’, is a modern take on the grandfather clock.

The item is freestanding (measuring 150cm high, 44cm wide and 16cm deep) with an organically shaped frame on which a clock face is mounted. The frame was cast from white concrete and the surface was ground and polished to expose the underlying aggregate. The frame is set within a base cast from grey concrete whose surface was left untreated, creating a contrast of colours and textures.

The clock face has been CNC routed from African Mahogany, whose dark colour plays off the white concrete of the frame. The pattern on the pillars was CNC routed from MDF to ensure accuracy and the moulds were made from silicone to ensure a smooth, detailed finish.

Experimentation with aggregates and concrete dyes was done for colour and texture contrasts that would create a more aesthetically appealing product. The inspiration for the clock came from wanting to create an elegant, organic product rather than the geometric forms one is accustomed to seeing with concrete products.

The curves of the clock mimic that of an hourglass representing time. The clock movement is battery-operated and features a pendulum mechanism. The minute and hour hands and the pendulum are all polished brass, which stands outs against the dark mahogany clock face.


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