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Industrial Design Finalist 2016/Malcolm Baillie

The idea for this light was born from a similar design in another material...


The idea for this light was born from a similar design in another material. It is also the progression in my own personal story.

As the South African poet Wopko Jensma said in his poem ‘Spanner in the What? Works’, “I found myself in a situation”. At the age of 43 I was unemployed for a year (this automatically attaches a credit record). At 44, I was unemployable (credit records turn good citizens into bad citizens).

Out of desperation, I found an old wooden pallet and attempted to make something out of it and my situation. The more I experimented with thrown-away wood, the more I found myself no longer looking for a job and creating a new situation. Creating. The more I created, the more my curiosity grew. I was bending myself into new angles of living. No longer looking for a job.

I was determined to explore wood in the same manner. Cutting angles opened up a sustainable source of income. Can it bend with me? And that was the source of this competition entry.

My limited knowledge of wood led me back to my previous career in construction. As Bruce Lee said: “Become like water”. My entry is a work-in-progress rediscovering concrete.

I'm still experimenting with what I have learnt from selling wood in the real world. The economics of selling. As Wopko said: “I hope to leave some evidence/ that I inhabited this world/ that I sensed my situation/ that I created something/ out of my situation”.

I call it 'Curved Suspension'.


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